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Our Philosophy
Cardiovascular Endurance

The stamina to sustain low intensity activities over a long
duration, such as long walks or climbing flights of
stairs without fatiguing.

Muscular Endurances

The ability of your muscles to keep contracting over a long
duration without fatiguing.

Muscloskeletal Strength

The Collective strength of your muscles, bones, tendons and
ligaments and their ability to exert force against
resistance in a given unit of time


The ability of the body to maintain a full and complete rangr of
motion around joints

Ideal Body Composition

The composition of a body is defined by its ratio of fat to muscle.
A body will look lean, athletic, toned and is said to have
the idea body composition,if not more than 15 to 20% of
its overall bodyweight is body fat.

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Cuffe: +91 22 22153791
Juhu : +91 22 26212444
Pune : +91 8600150150 /
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Five Fitness

Gyms in Mumbai

5 Fitness Club is one among the best

health clubs in mumbai.

We are a dedicated group of highly qualified fitness professionals that are
focused on trying to put people on the right path to achieve peak fitness. Our objective is to improve the performance in day to day functionality of individuals by enhancing all 5 components of fitness, fight the aging process & to build lean athletic bodies. We stress on counseling the members, dispelling myths & misconceptions & educating them about the true meaning of fitness.